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Veronica's Story Orphans Foundation

Veronica's Story is a nonpartisan 501c(3) recognized organization under the articles of the IRS. We advocate for orphans and vulnerable children. We help educate and empower women and girls around the world. Veronica's Story has created a tradition of trust with a completely volunteer effort that began in a Washington, DC newsroom several years ago.

Nelson Mandela
1918 -2013

Because of you.. I first marched for divestment… and my heart began to ache for justice.

Because of you… I sought solace in your quiet, tiny cell… stretching my arms out from wall to wall.. staring at the red, metal bin in the corner...

Because of you… I struck my fingers through the bullet holes in your house… and was forever changed.

You are my inspiration…
You, Madiba.. changed the world and will forever be missed by those you fought so hard for … like my beloved Veronica, Nkosi, Thebo.. and so many other nameless children..

Thank you for your extraordinary life..

Tracey Neale
VSF Founder

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The Gift of Reading -
March 2014 is World Book Month! The perfect time to donate books to children in need and to encourage good reading habits. See what VSF is doing..



CARE and children at a library in Addis receive their new books. All part of a donation of over 5000 new books made possible by Veronica's Story, First Book and African Diaspora for Change.

Thank you to our generous supporters. Without you, this donation would not have been possible!!

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The Facts:

Every 14 seconds a child is orphaned because of war, natural disaster, poverty, or disease. Right now, there are 15 million orphans due to AIDS alone. The children often survive alone, without the nurturing they need. Many have suffered the trauma of seeing one or both parents die as a result of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. It's estimated that less than 1% of the world's orphans will be adopted into loving homes.
Veronica's Story is helping to care for these children and empower girls and women to help bring an end to the orphan crisis. But, it is a monumental task. You can help ease the pain of orphans and AIDS-affected children by giving a gift to Veronica's Story.
Your gift will help provide:

- Nutrition and Clean Water
- Medicine and Health Care
- Education
- and Shelter

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Thank you for helping to provide much needed school uniforms for bright middle school students in Bermuda.

If you would like to help other young people in need, please let us know.

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A special thank you to The Atlantic Philanthropies
Director/Employee Designated Gift Fund.

Your donation will go a long way towards helping VSF empower girls and women worldwide and support orphans in need.

We are most grateful!

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Veronica's Story was proud to have been named one of facebook's
"BEST OF .."

Thanks to all of our members for the endless support!


Join our family...
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Veronica's Story Volunteers:

Read Sydney's Blog
Simply Inspirational..

Today I did something that I haven't really done before, I shared part of my own personal adoption story with some of the children I serve. It was a way to build trust and to my surprise, it built something in me too. "
(Contents by Sydney Harrison/TN)

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Featured Video:
Special Thanks to Fox 5 Television (DC) and the Pat McGee Band
These are all children and mothers we've loved and many we've lost in South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, and Zimbabwe...
We won't forget you!